By leveraging on the power of cloud platforms and machine learning algorithms, DANGER will help transforming the raw data from your business into values.
Being one of the biggest topic in machine learning, categorization has a lot of use cases in the business world. The common ones include user segmentation and fault detection. In our showroom, you will find our Tag The Inquiry project, which make use of classification techniques to tag an incoming inquiry message, used in a customer service center of our client.
Forecasing is another big topic. Although the technique is easily associated with the finance industry, it is also widely applied other industries like ecommerce, retail and F&B. By building models based on historical data, we are able to make prediction like the lifetime value of a customer and price of cooking ingredients.
We help our clients to mine useful information from Terabyte or Petabytes of data, and build corresponding dashboards for business owners to make data-driven decisions. Data mining sounds the least fansy in data science industry, yet, it is loved the most by business owners. Trust me, you will love it too.
The term AI is usually associated with robots. Yes, we do sell robots, the one without a body. We help our clients to develop chatbots for their customer service, which can not only reduce their workload, but also provide instant reply to the customer.